Why the GOP is called “The Stupid Party”

The late Sam Francis truly nailed it on the head.

Constantly I’ve stated that the GOP is a larger threat to the Dissident Right than the Left is. These people are not on our side at all. In fact, by continuously promoting one amnesty bill after another, they continue to alienate the very same people who make up their majority voters. White Southerners loyalty to the GOP is beginning to rival that of the blacks who vote Democrat. The Republicans however do not seem to reciprocate the favor.


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How to Lose a Nation

Jared Taylor discusses the history of immigration in the North American continent.



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White Swan Power!!!

Even the swans seem to think that immigration is out of control in the West. I wonder if these swan will be charged with a hate crime?

From the Daily Telegraph

Warwick University has erected a fence around a campus lake to stop a spate of swan attacks on students.

A 4ft tall bird, which boasts an 8ft wingspan, has been accused of behaved aggressively towards foreign students as they cross over a footbridge near its nesting place at the university’s Gibbet Hill campus in Coventry, West Midlands.

The footbridge is used by hundreds of students everyday as a route between accommodation and university buildings. Undergraduates revealed that the swan only appeared to target students from ethnic minorities.

One 24-year-old student from India said: “These swans are very annoying, and the students feel as though they’re being bullied.

“I’m from India, and they attack me especially, they focus straight on me.

“We’ve been warned that the swans will be a bit feisty at this time of year, but they go for me all year round.

“I think they don’t like too many Indians in England – maybe the swans here are a little bit racist.”

Italian student Albertina Crocetti, 24, who is studying Physics with Business Studies, said: “It’s bizarre, she doesn’t seem to like foreigners and attacks them to defend her nest.

“She’s a true right winger that’s for sure – they certainly seem to be racially motivated incidents.

“It’s scary as I know they can some damage, its safer now she’s been fenced off so nobody gets hurt.”

Marketing student, Palkein Ratra, 24, added: “I saw the swan yesterday evening, my friend was on the bridge and he was eating and the swan just randomly started biting off his jeans.”

During the March to May breeding season, swans become very territorial and can be aggressive towards intruders. They often threaten humans who venture too close to their nests, issuing a warning call. Geoff Grewcock, the manager of nearby Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, said the swans’ aggressive behaviour is not uncommon.

He said: “Because it’s breeding season, it would be normal for swans to behave that way – particularly if they’re in a pair, as in this case.

“The females will be laying eggs or nesting, and this is a territorial thing – there’s nothing you can do to appear less threatening, it’s best to keep well away.

“It will go on for another eight or twelve weeks, but they can actually get even more aggressive once they get cygnets.

“When a swan bites you, it can hurt, but it’s more their wings you have to worry about – they can bruise your legs when they flap them at you.”

A spokesman from Warwick University said: “We are blessed over 50 types of birds on campus and simple common sense tells most people to give any bird more space when it is protecting a nest, particularly if they are a large bird.

“The story arose after a student was contacted about something they had posted on social media that they intended to be humorous.

“The student is greatly saddened to see how a flippant remark they then made was reported.

“The student says that they now both regret and withdraw that remark.”

Undergraduates revealed that the swan only appeared to target students from ethnic minorities

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Big brother is watching: New tech lets cops watch ENTIRE CITY in real-time

Joe Rebel:

New technology police are using to spy on citizens.

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:


An Ohio-based surveillance company working with police has created the law enforcement surveillance model of the future, giving cops the ability to capture the activity of an entire city on video.

The eerily-named Persistent Surveillance Systems is headed by former Air Force veteran and engineer Ross McNutt, and employs a system known as wide-area surveillance, which films an entire city from the air in real-time.

“Imagine Google Earth with a rewind button and the ability to play back the movement of cars and people as they scurry about the city,” a cironline.org report said.

McNutt and his company recently convinced the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to let them surveil a series of necklace snatchings in Compton, Calif., and track down suspects from the moment the thefts occurred.

“We literally watched all of Compton during the time that we were flying, so we could zoom in anywhere within the…

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CBN News actually details Muslim attacks on white French

H/T to Mindweapons and CofCC

Seems even a neocon Christian Zionist news broadcast like the Christian Broadcast Network is no longer willing to ignore the attacks on native white French by Muslim third worlders.



On 3:16, notice how the Turk said that if the media and Establishment continues to ignore anti-white attacks, it will lead to native French becoming “racists” and joining groups like Generation Identitaire. Good! I hope that is the case. The French need to ditch the Enlightenement “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” b.s. and regain the same fighting spirit as that of Charles Martel and the courageous Franks who fought to prevent Muslim domination of Europe.

I hope the Muzzies continue to push for demands and bully the native white population to the point when they’ve had enough. As the old saying goes “If you kick a dog enough times, eventually its going to bite you”.

I’m beginning to think Kievsky had a point. Let the Muslims take care of the liberal elites who control the Western nations. They damn well deserve everything thats coming to them for allowing the West to be swamped by third world invaders. The third worlders are a symptom of the problem, but the demon of liberalism is the real culprit. Its about time Europe needed an exorcism.



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I’m back…for now

Good afternoon folks, I know its been quite a while. The break from blogging took a little bit longer than I anticipated. The last time I posted something on this blog, I said I was dealing with both family issues and a hectic work schedule. I’m afraid I was only telling a half-truth.

I was not lying about my work and family stuff, but the whole truth was that blogging was no longer beginning to interest me anymore than it once did. I felt that perhaps maybe if I say took a few weeks off, things would go back to normal. But as the weeks turned into months, I just got to the point where I was no longer beginning to miss blogging. Recently though, my conscious has been pressuring me to get back into it.

That being said, I can’t say for certain just how long this blog will stay up, but for now, I’m going to keep it up and running until I fully decide on what to do with it. However, while I’m posting, I don’t want to post as much news stories anymore. Quite frankly, going on and on about black-on-white crimes or what the next anti-white statement a DWL made can really get too repetitive. I want to try to take it to an all new direction. What that exactly will be I’m not sure at this moment.




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Just pondering


Hi folks, as some might guess, I haven’t been posting as much as I used to the last couple of days. I’ve been dealing with some family issues (I won’t disclose them here) and juggling work at the same time. It might have to be that way for a while, so it is what it is.

I’m considering taking a break for a while (just a short while). No need to worry folks, I’m not in any type of trouble or anything, I just feel like taking some time off away from the internet until things get sorted out.

Until then, please stay tuned. I could be back quicker that you think.

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