Pro-White Activist Thomas Buhls

Thanks to White Reference and Occidental Dissent

This past Saturday, pro-White activist Thomas Buhls, who is said to belong to The Knights Party (Pastor Thom Robbs organization) hosted a rally in the Monroe County Courthouse Square in Bloomington, Indiana to celebrate Southern history and Confederate heritage where he carried a sign with the confederate flag saying CELEBRATE YOUR WHITE HERITAGE when he was confronted by 200 antifa’s dressed in black hoodies. The hooded punks surrounded him, using vulgar words (some even tried to attack him). After the rally, some of them tried to follow him, but Buhl’s was taken away into a police car for his protection.

Mr Buhl’s truly is a man who should be applauded for handling himself real well. He truly is a man to be respected. I tip my hat off to Mr. Buhl’s.

You can read a full article on the story here.

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3 Responses to Pro-White Activist Thomas Buhls

  1. Ryu says:

    Jesus! How many antifas does it take to control one WN? They must have ripped his sign as well.

    All those white folk were against the one man who might have helped them. That’s why I don’t generally help whites unless they are known WNs. Let the niggers teach them WN. That seems to be what it takes anyway.

  2. Ryu says:

    Welcome. This is the first I’ve heard of you. Not only a WN but a southron as well. Congratulations!

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