Anti-whites turn on Tim Wise, accuse him of “White Privilege”


So-called “anti-racist activist” Tim “Tick Tock” Wise (who’s half-Jewish, yet tries to pass off as white) is getting his own comeuppance. After ranting on Twitter and Facebook about how each morning he supposedly gets death threats and hate mail (sounds like Timmy’s butt hurt) and then complaining about “trolls” who are jealous that he is more popular amongst “anti-racism” circles, several nonwhites and white liberals respond back by accusing him not only of hogging a limelight, but of also having the very thing he claims to oppose: “White Privilege”.

These are the Facebook comments which caused the backlash.

Here’s the thing. Every morning, I get the distinct pleasure of waking up to hate mail — vile, psychotic ventilations about what people hope to happen to me before the day is done — and each week I get to browse through death threats, not only against me but also against my family, whose safety I worry about every second of every day, and for whom I would kill if need be…I am not asking for any courage badge in the face of this. I took on this life quite knowingly, 25 years ago, as anyone who actually knows me already knows. I’m good. But if you decide to condemn me, because you think that as a white person I don’t have a place in antiracism work, or because you think I get too much attention for the work I do, or whatever, just know this. If you would like to go to sleep each night wondering about the provenance of each sound outside your window, or if you would like to tell your family not to open any package delivered to their door unless they know who it’s from and are expecting it, or if you want to deal with the Nazis (literally, Hitler-worshipping Nazis) who are already advertising to come to my event in Indiana in October, to stir up God knows what shit…have at it. I’ll share this fun with you. Any day, anytime. It’s a blast. Otherwise, and until that is your daily reality, I think you know where to step off…

While many of the comments are mostly from white liberals tripping over themselves to how who loves Timmy more (acting much like teenage groupies fighting over their favorite rock stars), these are just a couple of comments made by those critical.

Carnell Felton at least you can vent about such things there are plenty of minorities who get the same treatment and thier oppertunity to publicly vent is taken, so knowing the work you do you should understand your “privilege” in this instance. it comes with the territory, all part of the job description……….. just remember you get hatemail cause of what you do, others recieve it just for what they look like.
Holly Nicole Wilson The ultimate shedding of white tears that I have ever seen.
Amberlie Mae Huttens You’ve gone from being my hero to being a huge dissappointment. I feel you’ve spent far too much crying and playing a white victim card and I don’t think its done maliciously..but it still comes from a place of entitlement and whiteness. But in your own beautiful words..injury isn’t injury from the perspective of the injurer…its always the injury from the perspective of the injuree. And you’ve lost sight of that . People of color keep expressing their concerns and you’re telling them shut up. Its so unfair that white people can’t talk about racism. Yes, you can participate. But why are you not more concerned with uplifting the voices of the people or color instead of screaming yourself. Those invitations you receive, why not invite moe people or color on stage to share their experiences.
Chaaz Paulandsandras I am a young BLACK man with no following and I deal with police terrorism for my activism. You don’t get privilege cookies. You more than anyone should understand the resentment of radical PoC towards you. We work just as hard as you with GREATER risk and nobody gives a damn.
Mechelle Bewley OMG, Tim, you’re acting as if we poor Negros and other brown folks owe you something for all of your hard work. We don’t owe you ****. It should be your job anyways to tell your people to act like they have some sense. It’s also not fair that the people that actually face racism get no voice, but you dont care what a bunch of coloreds go through as long as you get to be the (White) king of antiracism. The fact that you’re acting like a White savior shows you still got a lot of Whiteness blinding you. Go away.
Scottie Lowe I wonder how many white people who are lavishing praise and love on you know the name of one black professor doing the same work you are doing. And Michael Eric Dyson doesn’t count
Kristina Kili Verdile My biological family who are white think I do not like them and other white people because I speak out against privilege and entitlement. It’s a heavy cross to bear.
Angus Johnston Here’s the thing. If you don’t like your job, quit your job and get another one. Because as a white guy, if you want to walk away from racist violence and oppression, YOU CAN. And don’t say that you’re not asking for a cookie, because saying you’re not asking for a cookie is asking for a cookie.
You chose this gig. You choose to continue doing this gig. And a lot of people think you’re screwing up. So don’t whine. Stop screwing up, or quit, or engage respectfully and decently and humbly with your critics.
Because right now? Is not a good look.

And it doesn’t even stop there. Apparently, Wise at one time told his followers that his page had been hacked. Once he admitted that he had lied and only said that he was just tired of being attacked by trolls, even more backlash came.

Not only is Tim Wise an anti-white psycopath, but he’s also a liar and a fraud. Whats more amusing is that even anti-whites are beginning to see him for what he really is.

What can we say, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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7 Responses to Anti-whites turn on Tim Wise, accuse him of “White Privilege”

  1. Tyler says:

    Yeah Tim Wise actually makes a lot of money talking about white privilege, it’s interesting,

  2. Lachdenan says:

    LOL what a bunch of retards.

    “So this is what anti-White nuts look like.”

  3. jewamongyou says:

    That’s pretty funny. It would be even better if they used him for the knockout game.

    • jmf says:

      You are such a hater. (I totally agree with you.) How can you be so insensitive? (Can you provide a lesson plan for teaching to others?) You should be ashamed. (Love your blog, when are you going to post something new?)

  4. This Proves that Tim Wise is a joke and the white libreals are the biggest enemys of all. They talk about black issues but live in all white communitys. I need to interview the writer of this blog and i need to get Tim againest a real white nationist

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