Patrick the Gorilla sent to therapy for “sexism”

Even the animal kingdom isn’t safe from the forces of political correctness. A male gorilla who doesn’t seem to want to associate with other gorillas is being sent to therapy in order to combat his “sexism”.

I admits its been a while since I took a biology class, but aren’t male gorillas supposed to be aggressive and very territorial to begin with? No matter how much the Left thinks that they can try to change nature, it will always come back to blow up in their faces.

The term “sexist” is just about as meaningless as “racism” since they are both used by the Left as control words in order to silence their enemies.

If being anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white, then shouldn’t anti-sexist be a code word for anti-male?


A male gorilla is leaving Dallas Zoo to have therapy after he bit one female gorilla and sneered at others.

Patrick, a 195-kilogram Western lowland gorilla, will be moving to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, South Carolina, where he will live the bachelor life in his own digs.

The South Carolina zoo is known for working with gorillas with behavioural problems.

Dallas Zoo officials said Patrick gets along fine with humans but not with other gorillas.

They said they have repeatedly tried to get him to socialise with the other gorillas, particularly the females, in the hope that he might get along and even breed.

Instead, he bit one female and sneered and nipped at others.

“It’s not like we haven’t tried, he’s been here for 18 years,” Dallas Zoo spokeswoman Laurie Holloway said.

Patrick was more tolerant of other male gorillas but seemed only to engage with Jabari, who was shot to death by Dallas police after he escaped in 2004 and injured three people.

Because of his cranky behaviour, Patrick has been kept in his own habitat separate from the other gorillas.

The Dallas Zoo needs to reclaim Patrick’s space because it recently acquired two new males from the Calgary Zoo, including Zola, a breakdancing gorilla who stars in a video that has gone viral on the internet.

John Davis, curator of mammals at the Riverbanks Zoo, said Patrick will initially be separated from the zoo’s three other gorillas, all males, but will be able to see and smell them.

Patrick will eventually be introduced to the other males and zoo officials are not ruling out the possibility they can live together in a spacious bachelor pad, Mr Davis said.

Born at the Bronx Zoo in 1990, Patrick was abandoned by his mother and transferred to the Toronto Zoo, where he was hand-raised along with another male about the same age.

At age 5 he was transferred to Dallas, zoo officials said.

Because of his rearing, Patrick gets along well with people and is a popular favourite among visitors and zookeepers at the zoo, Ms Holloway said.

“He’s beautiful and smart and everyone loves him,” she said.

“We’re really sad to see him go but it’s for the best for the zoo and for Patrick.”

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4 Responses to Patrick the Gorilla sent to therapy for “sexism”

    • AAB says:

      Here’s a caption from one of the photos in that Daily Mail article:
      ‘Here is Tammy with her mothers and older brother Edgar at his recent bar mitzvah.’

      Man-hating Jewish Lesbians.

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    A break-dancing Gorilla….. Does no one see the OBVIOUS hilarity contained in that one sentence, alone? And they had to IMPORT one? Hell, they’re on every street corner in the Ghet-toe… if you follow my meaning.

  2. AAB says:

    The more that zoo keepers try to get wild animals to mate in a domesticated environment the more they will fail. Wild animals aren’t meant to be kept locked up; after a while they become tame and then timid. Timid animals aren’t virile. Just look what happens at timid men, they have low testosterone leves. Low testosterone = low interest in sex. Low interest in sex = fewer chances of having sex, thus fewer chances of having children.

    I think this problem is related to why humans in highly urbanised environments also don’t have many children: because the environment is largely domesticated.

    “..if man is tamed too much, then he will simply stop living in the modern world, the civilised world, and will opt out of it. He will opt out of it either: by giving up his manliness and becoming feminised as the dominant group want him to; by giving up his willfulness and becoming apathetic; by not breeding and leaving the gene pool; by committing suicide; by giving up on his country and leaving for a foreign nation-state (emigrating); by giving up on the modern world and resorting to a wild/natural one; or by some other means.”

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