West Virginia petition to secede


Lets get the secession train rolling.


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4 Responses to West Virginia petition to secede

  1. Fran Coe says:

    This have to do with going back to our Constitution Of The United States Of America. Not about anything except to get rid of corrupt government. No matter what party this is, we want to be free from the dictator who is robbing us blind, no one cares if you sign if that is how you feel. but do not cry when you lose everything you worked for. And if you never worked, who would want you. Even a rat takes care of their own

  2. Don’t you dare speak for me and most WV citizens! I am ashamed. And those responsible will not get my vote. You are making us look ignorant and unpatriotic!

    • Joe Rebel says:

      The only one who looks ignorant and pathetic is you. You can do whatever you want to. As for folks like me, we’ve had enough of this corrupt empire.

      • Brenda Keckley says:

        If anyone in West virginia voted for Obama , then they are the ignorant and unpatriotic people of this state. Being able to bear arms, save the unborn and have honesty in the voting polls is what this country stood for all along. I would like to see the government try to take the guns of this state.

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